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Host Intrusion Detection and Prevention (HIDS/HIPS)

eSoft's Host Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (HIDS/HIPS) is our premier service designed to protect your most critical data and servers on your network. It provides an additional layer of defense beyond services such as a managed firewall, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS), and signature-based anti-virus software. HIDS/HIPS relies on a learning pattern for both known and unknown types of malicious activity. Rather than relying on signature matching for specific attacks, the behavior-based rules associated with HIDS/HIPS products monitor and deny malicious activity patterns. HIDS/HIPS monitors and alerts security operations personnel if activity is suspicious. Security engineers can then analyze the suspicious activity and discuss remediation procedures if necessary with the client

Because data is often a company's most critical asset, the financial impact of an exploit executing before a signature is released can easily reach millions of dollars for a single outbreak. Accordingly, the cost-avoidance return on investment for the behavioral-based protection offered by HIDS/HIPS can be substantial.

Given the proliferation of new viruses and exploits across the Internet, the ability to proactively stop a new and unknown attack the first time it appears is a tremendous benefit of the HIDS/HIPS approach. With behavioral rules and Perimeter's team of security professionals in place, signatures do not need to be developed and continually maintained to protect systems from the latest attacks.

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